Preah Vihear&Koh Ker

Preah Vihear and Koh Ker 

Don’t forget to set your alarm, we are leaving at 4.30AM. Situated atop a 525 meter high cliff in the Dongkrek Mountains forming the natural border between Cambodia and Thailand is Preah Vihear temple, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 7th, 2008. Subject to controversial ownership issues over time this temple officially belongs to Cambodia. It’s location is 150km north of Siem Reap and we will spend approximately 3 hours getting here through picturesque countryside which becomes less and less populated the further north we go. We will explore this large temple and admire the expanding views,

We have lunch locally and then head on to Koh Ker.

The seven-tiered pyramid like structure of Prasat Thom is by far the most prominent structure in this temple complex scattered across a large area. Up here it’s all red earth, blue skies and green vegetation. We will arrive back in Siem Reap in the late afternoon / early evening depending on our exploring pace.

Preah Vihear & Kok Ker Tour

This itinerary is flexible. I can also put together a custom itinerary based on your specific needs or interests. Just email me your ideas using the contact form.


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